The Eurocrats say “Stricter controls on sale and registration of
firearms, and stronger rules to irrevocably deactivate weapons. The
objective: to tackle the threat of weapons falling into the hands of
terrorists. Package of measures to make it more difficult to acquire
firearms in the European Union here:!Nx87GD.” Who believes that objective will be met, or that it’s even the real objective? [All Photos: European Commission/Facebook]
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 USA – -( “The
 Czech Republic has resisted calls by the European Union’s executive 
Commission to tighten gun controls in response to terror attacks, 
forcing the E.C. to alter its proposals, allowing for the private 
ownership of semi-automatic weapons,” CNS News reported
 Tuesday. “The Czech interior ministry now wants to loosen its own laws a
 step further, proposing a constitutional amendment on Monday that would
 allow its citizens to bear legally-held firearms against the 
perpetrators of terrorist attacks, such as those in Nice or Berlin, the 
Czech news agency ctk reported.”

The upshot:

The government says that putting weapons into the hands of citizens is the best defense against terror.

other words, they recognize an armed citizenry is “necessary to the
security of a free State,” something the Founding Fathers in this
country recognized as a self-evident truth, as do those intent on
undermining that security and freedom.
Despite that hopeful sign of moving in the right direction, the Czech Republic still has a long way to go. Per, globalist gun-grabbers in their own right who nonetheless provide an invaluable online compilation of world gun laws:

regulation of guns in the Czech Republic is categorised as restrictive …
In the Czech Republic, the right to private gun ownership is not
guaranteed by law.

This means all the usual
infringements: Mandatory background checks and training, licensing,
registration and storage requirements. Still, there are provisions for
both open and concealed carry, “subject to a valid permit (in
exceptional circumstances).”
That’s what they’re hoping to improve
on, and helps explain why they’re resistant to new outside gun grabs –
people who stand to lose something have something to fight for. Many in
the EU have lived under surrendered rights regimes for so long they
literally have no idea they’ve been robbed of their birthrights, and
they wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Czechs weren’t alone in
raising objections, albeit Sweden initially squawked because it would
impact “sport shooting.” Finland made a more persuasive argument (based
on a history personally remembered by some still living) that “such ban
would affect its national defense, which relies on reservists being able
to train with semi-automatic weapons,” but with the new agreement
side-stepping those (for now), their interior minister announced she is
“very pleased with the outcome.”
screenhunter_06-jan-05-17-41Juncker junking European national sovereignty…“Of course we would have liked to go further,” EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker admitted in the late December press release announcing the agreement. Of course. And the globalists intend to keep at it until they get the total control they covet.
have fought hard for an ambitious deal that reduces the risk of
shootings in schools, summer camps or terrorist attacks with legally
held firearms,” Juncker declared, cavalier in his admission of just who
was being disarmed.
14344047_1135032293210916_1100969103027454940_nGlobalists meet to dictate where “migrants” will be embedded next.As
“legally held firearms” aren’t the problem, the only logical conclusion
is Juncker and his kind want them all “illegal” (at least the ones they
don’t control) so the murderous enemies embedded in the replacement
cultures they are importing have an even greater advantage. And as we
see from “progressives” trying to do the same subversion here, those
resisting on both counts are increasingly demonized as haters and