republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Attorney Constance Cumbey
December 31, 2016
my life and its memories, I have seen Presidents come and go. My personal
recall goes back to the last days of the first Truman administration.
He had entered office as a Vice President and became President when Franklin
Delano Roosevelt died in 1945. My personal memories of hearing the radio
discussions about the upcoming election stem from 1948. Truman was expected
to become a “lame duck” in 1948, but it did not happen.
went to bed with news that Dewey had won. He awoke to learn that he, instead
had prevailed. Truman was succeeded in 1952 by Republican Dwight David
Eisenhower. My parents paid attention to that election where they had
voted for Eisenhower in the first election and the Democratic candidate
in the 1956 election.
Eisenhower was succeeded by the candidate of the opposite party by Democrat
John Fitzgerald Kennedy. That was 1960. I was a Junior in high school.
I do not remember public rancor and anger during that transition, even
though Richard Nixon, Eisenhower’s Vice President had a surprise loss.
The Kennedy years were brief with his tragic assassination in Dallas on
November 22, 1963. He was succeeded by Lyndon Baines Johnson, his Vice
President. Johnson was re-elected over Barry Goldwater in 1964. The years
to follow were tumultuous and very reminiscent of what is happening now.
Lyndon Johnson was exceedingly unpopular among many Democrats and did
not seek re-election for what would have in effect been a third term in
1968. Richard Nixon instead was elected. Although the times were turbulent
and the Cold War was on, I do not recall an ugly transition period —
at least in my then perception.
Nixon was re-elected in 1972. There was turbulence, but that turbulence
seemed to stem more from Nixon’s insecurities, the ongoing Vietnam War,
and what was shaping up that we came to know as “Watergate.”
Gerald Ford succeeded fallen and disgraced former Vice President Spiro
Agnew in that office and then became President of the United States upon
President Nixon’s resignation in disgrace. Although times were turbulent
indeed, I do not recall an ugly transition period when Jimmy Carter took
office as President of the United States (POTUS). I do not recall, however,
the December 1976 through January 1977 being an ugly or tumultuous period
in terms of the Presidential succession.
was a one-termer, having been defeated in 1980 by Ronald Reagan. Although
Democrats were saddened at the loss, I do not recall the transition period
being an ugly one. Ronald Reagan after serving two terms was succeeded
by his Vice President George H. W. Bush who served only one term as President
after having served two full terms as Vice President. William Jefferson
Clinton was elected President. Although the Republicans were disappointed,
I recall the inauguration and transition period proceeding smoothly and
was real turbulence in 2000 when Vice Presidential Albert Gore and George
W. Bush’s races collided. There were angry and politicized Supreme Court
challenges that fell in favor of George W. Bush. Nevertheless, the transition
proceeded smoothly despite the rancor. 
we came to 2008 when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a tumultuous
primary race where Obama prevailed. Obama was elected President over John
McCain his first term and over Mitt Romney his second term. The Bush-Obama
transition went smoothly.
we come to the very last days of the Obama Administration. Suddenly, globally
precipitous moves are made by the outgoing administration, obviously designed
to make the transition anything but smooth. President Obama, in his declining
days, it appears, has made war on both Israel and Russia. I don’t get
classified briefings, nor do I know what the full facts are, but it is
a safe bet that both countries have been actively spying on the other
— but the accusation that Hillary’s defeat blamed first on FBI director
James Comey and now on “the Russians” is unique in our history,
at least as my personal recall goes.
It is
my impression for better or for worse that what Barack Obama is doing
is working actively to prevent a smooth transition of power and to create
a far more dangerous world for Israel and for the United States than existed
before. The actions against Russia are provocative to say the least.
My prayer
is that Russia does not take the bait! May the Lord help us all!
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Diane Kepus
December 31, 2016
Underhanded and Nefarious
a Christian, I try very hard to understand the reasons that people do
some of the things they do. I have found it impossible to reason out
any of the actions of Barack Obama or whatever his name is.
I am NOT a PARTY person, but rather choose to pick the candidates I
support because of who they are and not what party they belong too,
the fact Obama is a Democrat has nothing to do with this except it just
re-enforces some of his actions against Americans and others.
wrote about him about 2 years after he took office having noted he is
a Colonialist, disliking America and his objective to destroy as much
of America and her people as he could all in the name of the under-privileged
when what he did for them was bury them deeper into nothingness and
latest actions since his meeting with President-elect Trump have been
nasty, vile and intentionally disruptive and damaging to not only the
future of America but other parts of the world, namely Israel.
in 2011, Obama began showing his distaste for Israel when he urged Israel
to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, Temple Mount, Old
Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa and the tomb of Jesus Christ to various radical
Islamic organizations.
in 2013, Obama tried to talk Israel into just handing over the holist
Christian and Jewish sites to those very same Islamic groups.
man Obama cannot possibly be a Christian even though he supposedly sat
in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years. We learned long ago of the
antics being carried out by Wright and the black, male members of his
as the Muslim I believe he is, must be questioned as to his concern
that Palestine be recognized as a country entitled to the land owned
by Israel. It is currently being rumored that John Kerry at the direction
of Obama is currently finalizing a document that Obama hopes will form
the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that will officially
recognize a Palestinian state before the end of Obama’s term on
January 20th.
Obama is not a Muslim, than from my way of thinking, he just hates Americans.
he were a Christian, he would have never considered doing what he did
thru the U.N. in telling the U.S. not to veto against Resolution 2334.
the man has proven over and over that he is a liar and he has never
shown that to be more true than with his actions since his meeting with
Trump. He sat there in an interview with Trump and reporters, telling
the world what a great meeting they had and how he intended to help
with the transition into the change-over and he lied.
wasting all our tax-payer money flying around the country supporting
Hillary and now since she has lost and his meeting with Trump is over,
he talks about how he should have pushed to re-run for a third term
arguing that a majority of Americans continue to support his progressive
vision for the country not caring the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution
says he could not – but then when has Obama ever cared about anything
in the Constitution?
told Marines at the base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii during his Christmas
vacation, “I am confident in this vision, because I’m confident
that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could have mobilized
a majority of the American people to rally behind it. I know that in
conversations that I’ve had with people around the country,” he
continued, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say, the
vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one.”
ego ridden individual also decided to turn his back on Clinton and criticized
her for how she ran her campaign refusing to see that the American people
are just plain tired of being lied too and “ruled” by a
“self-serving president/government and illegal Executive Orders.
personally have no doubt it will be proven that Obama was behind this
recent attack against Israel. Both Hillary and Obama have brought Muslims
of very questionable character and relationships into the White House.
Muslims have become good American citizens assimilating to our country
and its government. Some have even fought in the US Armed Forces and
against radical Islamic terrorism. But our elected president has deliberately
brought within the folds of our government members of the Muslim Brotherhood
(the progenitor of Jihadism), and its front groups, the Council of American
Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).
and methodically over the past 8 years, Obama has been filling the Washington
bureaucracy to include DHS, National Security Council, CIA, White House,
State Department, DOD, US Armed Forces and every US Intelligence Agency
with members of the above-mentioned groups. Obama has acted as a “tool”
for the Jihadi movement in the U.S.
CIA director John Brennan has converted to the Muslim faith; Huma Abedin,
former aide to Hillary; Department of Homeland Security Deputy Mayor,
Arif Alikhan; Mohammed Elibiary, Advisor to DHS Security; Obama Administration
Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel;
and Malick Obama, the Head of the Muslim Brotherhood Finance and Arms
Procurement, Obama’s half-brother.
make matters worse, Obama senior appointee Lois Lerner, IRS Director
at the time, is now implicated in providing material support to Malik
Obama. Malik Obama is a known Muslim Brotherhood terrorist and has been
granted undeniable special privilege under U.S. law and in granting
that privilege, Lerner even used an alias and a private email server
initially to complete the act. In other words, she knew what she was
doing was treason and she was attempting to cover it up.
Higgins (former DOD Manager of the Combating Terrorism & Technical
Support Office & Irregular Warfare Section) made explosive charges
on national radio stating, “What leaders in the Obama administration
are actually scrubbing is any references to the Islamic doctrine that
would allow us to define who is or who is not actually one of our enemies.
When you look at the deliberate decision-making process of the Obama
administration, as it relates to “Radical Islam”, that deliberate
decision-making process is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.
And the way they control it is by prohibiting US National Security Agency
personnel from ever developing an understanding to the level
where Phil Haney had it
have heard for themselves Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice LIE about something
as serious as Benghazi and Extortion 17. Americans need to understand
the Muslim Brotherhood has been banned from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia,
Jordan, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirate because the Muslim Brotherhood
& CAIR have been identified as International Terrorist organizations
that have tried to undermine and overthrow friendly Muslim Middle East
the Obama administration has brought numerous members of the Muslim
Brotherhood into the White House and given them positions near and dear
to classified information.
Haney, DHS whistle blower and former Dept. of Homeland Security official
this year released his book See
Something, Say Nothing
explaining the backroom maneuvers
going on to deceive America’s citizens.
2007 a subtle play has been happening at the UN between the Organization
of the Islamic Congress (OIC) countries led by Pakistan and the West
(mainly EU, US and their allies).
is also becoming apparent is that Western values no longer have the
power they once had in the United Nations (UN) and our platform of democracy
and equality is also being eroded. The growing Muslim voting block of
nations is slowly but surely introducing Sharia Law into the UN and
apparently without anyone really noticing.
18 December 2007, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution “Combating
Defamation of Religions” by 108 votes to 51 with 25 abstentions.
The resolution expresses “deep concern about the negative stereotyping
of religions and manifestations of intolerance and discrimination in
matters of religion or belief”. But the only religion mentioned
by name was Islam.
this resolution did was in effect give Islam Human Rights status—something
that should be only accorded to human beings not to an ideology or religion.
day after a prominent U.S. Muslim leader reacted to the November 2015
Paris attacks with a declaration that the Islamic State, also known
as ISIS, has nothing to do with Islam, President Obama made the same
assertion. Watching these
two video’s
will give you all the information you need along
with showing you the deliberate direction the Obama administration has
taken against this country.
listening to the two video’s I wonder if you will also believe
as I do is that a great deal of Obama’s actions has been in motion
to destroy all Western civilization from within. The gravitational force
of the Global Islamic Movement is not radicalization – the gravitational
force of the Global Islamic Movement is the implementation of Sharia
government has been supporting and approving the operation of over 165
Muslim Gulen Charter schools in this country since 2000 on YOUR tax
dollars hidden under various names. American parents are actually sending
their non-Muslim children to these schools. Have American parents totally
lost their minds?
video by
Bill Whittle exposes how Obama has been impeding Federal Law Enforcement
from identifying and effectively fighting “Radical Islamic Terrorists”
within the US.
who is the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations – certainly not
a person favorable to the United States:

Samantha Powers is the wife of Cass Sunstein Obama’s former
regulatory czar who has been labeled the most dangerous liberal in
Powers passionately hates Israel and her
remarks here
and here
and here
prove it.
Powers once worked for the George Soros’
‘think tank’ ICG
(International Crisis Group)

In a 2002 interview she stated the U.S. should
pour billions of dollars of taxpayer money into a new state of Palestine.
She was re-hired in 2009 as Obama’s
Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and Senior Director of
Multilateral Affairs on the Staff of the National Security Council.
this recent slap in the face of Israel is enough to make the United
States decide to leave the United Nations I say hurrah! As of 2007,
we were pouring $7.7 BILLION dollars into the UN a YEAR with no change
and no results. After a nine-month examination in 2015 of the U.N. organization’s
anti-fraud policies, what examiners found was something akin to anarchy:
a “state of near denial” among some U.N. organizations about
the theft of their goods, money and services; and inertia, incoherence
and a “perceived sense of impunity for fraud perpetrators”
in many others.
other results the report showed “more than half” of some
16,000 U.N. staffers and 164 executive managers consulted by the examiners
who had completed a “fraud perception survey” indicated
that they believe that fraudulent behavior goes unpunished in their
United Nations has continually been linked to fraud and corruption.
The pay their staff receives is approximately 38% higher than the average
comparable employee in the U.S. government. U.N. Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon’s New York Secretariat stated, “Fraud is not considered
a corporate risk within the Secretariat, and no specific fraud risk
assessments are conducted.”
2012, the Heritage Foundation and others called for the US to rein in
the UN’s lavish salaries after having discovered that U.N. employees
in the professional and higher grades in New York earn a net remuneration
(take-home salary) that averages 29.5 percent higher than that of equivalent
U.S. civil servant grades in Washington, D.C. Moreover, U.N. employees
enjoy benefits that in many cases exceed those of U.S. civil servants.
it not enough the UN has consistently over the years paid money intended
for those in need to their country’s dictators? The world should
be enraged at the billions upon billions of $$ that have continually
been funneled through the United Nations and the countries they were
supposed to help are still in poverty, sick and starving.
Ki-moon once again calling for emergency funds earlier this month for
Global Humanity which he claims has quadrupled over the years, leaving
more than 128 million people in need of assistance. Did these people
just crop up or have they been ignored for years and the money sent
to their dictators? I say “get your house in order and in fact
we just need to close you down”.
if for one minute you think this world is not being pushed to Globalization
and total acceptance of Islam/Sharia check these out:

George Washington University has eliminated its United States history
requirement for history majors in order to attract more students in
our “globalizing” world. [Link]

The Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University is dedicated
to furthering the scholarly study of Islam and the Muslim world. [Link]

will receive a stipend of up to $5,000 per month and are expected
to promote the development of policy papers “at the intersection
of Islamic law and relevant issues of U.S. policy.”
These policy
papers will include short commentary on recent cases or other Islamic
law sources, longer policy briefs, or op-eds, according to the law
school website. Here comes Sharia Law in America!
I need to remind you once again that if our children are not taught
about what our founders gave us and personally gave up so that we had
this wonderful country, they will have no allegiance to it?